Winner of the Product Prize 2021 with MayMays



MayMays Mumbai Munchies

– Travel in Taste

MayMays Munchies are delicious handmade quality snacks.  Open up for a world of taste and let yourself indulge in the flavors of India

We have created a snack, where you can experience the world at home by opening a bag of MayMays. First stop on the journey is India. Choose from a variety ranging  from mild in flavored till Spicy Mumbai style. Enjoy the experience whenever you feel like.

Enjoy your Munchies when you have Guest for drinks, as a crunch with your soup or for cozy Movie time with or without Dips

MayMays Munchies are plant based snacks, made on Chickpeas, Rice and Spices. The crispy Munchies ate an explosion of taste and crunchy texture

Want to read more about how we got to make Munchies, please se the Story in the top menu.

Join us on a journey in tastes with MayMays Munchies

We wish you a fulfilling experience

Manoj and Maybritt

Founders of MayMays