The Journey to India


The story of MayMays starts back in 1997, where I traveled to India to buy an old Enfield Motorbike. Exploring India changed my life and opened my horizon on who I wand to be.

I explored the colorful Country, that India is and feel in love with its diversity, food and people. I got deeply fascinated by the multiple flavors and scents I met on my way. The chaos, the crowds and scammers could not hamper with my curiosity and appetite on learning all about the tastes and mystery of this magnificent country.

Contradictions is the Key word

In India you meet all kinds of colorful displays. Spices stacked in cones or sacks, and in a variety I had never seen before. The smell of the world that spiked my curiosity.

Glitter, bright colors, mirror work and a variety of jewelry and clothes I never seen the like. My eyes simply could not stop looking and taking in all that colorfulness.

Shops filled to the rim with snacks, biscuits and sucker. Nicely displayed in glass jays, stacked on shelfs in very small shops. Hot Samosas strait from the oil from one of the may street vendors. An explosion on your senses – and I enjoyed to the fullest.


Back in Denmark I started to play with spices and developed my own Masalas in order to create delicious food.

I had a wish to revisit some of the taste experiences I had had in India. Indian food became a part of my identity. Whenever I had guest around, they would expect me to cook Indian delicacies.

When I, on a travel to India in 2010 fell in love with more than just the colorful country, and found the man of my dreams, I became even more interested in Indian food and taste experiences.

We lived in Mumbai, a totally chaotic  and crowed city. Full of people, noises and smells. Staying in Mumbai gave me the opportunity to immerse deeper into the world of taste. Now I even had the ingredients at hand and the help of friends and family if needed.

Indiske snacks

When wisiting friends and family I På besøg hos Indiske venner og familie opdagede jeg hurtigt i hvor stor grad snacks og sødt indgår i det daglige liv for en inder. Indere har mange fester, hvor snacks indgår som en fast ingrediens. I Mumbai fejre man alle religiøse heligdage, også de religioner man ikke selv følger. Det bliver til rigtig mange festdag…

Er man på besøg hos nogen, får man altid chai og en form af salt og knasende. Det kan være alt fra friturestegte snacks, til kiks og alverdens nødder. Allerhelst et udvalg af dem alle.

Der er helt klart en grund til, at så mange indere får diabetes i disse år. Alt for meget sukker og fedt indgår i den daglige kost, og fysisk arbejde er for arbejderklassen. Man holder ikke længere fast i de gamle Ayurvediske traditioner – men hælder til at hverdagen er fyldt med festmad.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle

I find the Ayurvedic way of looking at nutrition very interesting. The way of combing spices in Indian food comes from the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures. Its based on combining foods that gives your body the nutrition that it needs.

My own Recipes

I have played with the old recipes and developed my own. My focus has been on getting a great taste and healthy nutrients. My recipes have become MayMays Munchies.

It has been important for me, to create a snack, that is so good, that you want to eat it again and again. MayMays Munchies has real nutrition value, and contains all the benefits of the spices used.

I wish, that you will have an experience of India, when you open a bag of MayMays Munchies.

Our snack MayMays Mumbai Munchies won the prestigious product price “Sol over Gudhjem”, as the best product of the year 2021. We are tremendous grateful and proud to receive this reward. The award inspired us, to continue our journey to create a variety of tasteful snacks.

Wishing you a great taste experience with MayMays Munchies

Maybritt from MayMays